Teeth causing extreme pain or having lost most of their visible structure are often considered for removal, especially if a root canal procedure and restoration are not an option. Tooth extractions are a moderately invasive procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket. If you have to undergo extractions, you can rest assured our dentist, Dr. Diais at Dental Solutions will discuss the surgery in detail to make sure you are comfortable throughout the extraction process.

When Do You Need Tooth Extractions?

The need for tooth extraction can be the result of:
  • Extensive trauma to the tooth following an injury
  • Severely decayed or broken teeth
  • Severe gum disease that cannot be otherwise cured
  • Overcrowding in the mouth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If you are experiencing swelling or pain deep inside your mouth, this could be caused by wisdom teeth. They usually emerge between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, and when they erupt improperly, it can make them move in the wrong direction. As a result, the teeth may become impacted under the gums causing posterior gum infections and pain when eating your foods.

The Procedure for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dr. Diais will begin the surgery by administering local anesthesia to make you comfortable during the entire process. An incision is cut on the gums, and the socket around the wisdom tooth is widened. The tooth will be loosened gently from side to side and removed with forceps. 
If the wisdom tooth is deeply entrenched in the gums, some of the bony structure of the jawbone will be removed to reach the tooth. Then the tooth is pulled out, and the surgical site is stitched closed. 

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

We advise patients to take complete rest following an extraction. You will be able to drive yourself home if you were given only local anesthesia. But in case other sedations have been used, we suggest you have someone accompany you.
Over the next several days, you may feel some pain and discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed medication. We recommend that you avoid hard or crunchy foods, which may irritate your sensitive gums. You should brush and floss your teeth as usual from the following day to keep your mouth free from food debris and bacteria, taking care to brush gently around the gap.
Unless you had a wisdom tooth removed or your extraction was due to crowding, we will recommend placing a prosthetic tooth once your gums have healed completely. 
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