When Veneers Are More Appropriate than Bonding

When Veneers Are More Appropriate than Bonding

Posted by Dental Solutions on Aug 20 2017, 11:32 PM

At Odessa Dental Solution, our dentists often prefer to use veneers made of porcelain or zirconia when helping you develop a more beautiful smile. Many patients wonder why we use these prosthetics over composite bonding, another popular esthetic dental treatment that requires less preparation to perform. Simply put, veneers are more appropriate than bonding in several circumstances, making them a more beneficial treatment most of the time.

Size of the Concealment

Both composite bonding and porcelain or zirconia veneers are designed to help a tooth recover from the cosmetic impairments caused by mild chipping and crooked teeth. Adding a veneer or composite resin to the teeth will conceal these issues to help your smile maintain a more uniform appearance. You can adjust the length, width, and smoothness of your tooth’s appearance with both procedures.

The difference between veneers and bonding is the amount of change possible to make on the tooth. Composite bonding treats only minor issues with the smile, so only small instances of chipping and slight gaps in the smile can be treated effectively with this treatment. On the other hand, veneers can be made to cover much larger issues. As long as the chipping on a tooth does not require a crown or the gaps do not require orthodontic care, a veneer fixes these much larger conditions.

Internal Tooth Stains

Composite bonding is effective at treating chips and gaps, but it does not offer much help in restoring a tooth which has internal teeth stains. Unlike external staining caused by food, drink, and habits like smoking, teeth stains that originate from inside a tooth cannot be lifted and must be concealed. The dark color has an unfortunate tendency to be visible through composite resin, which makes bonding an inefficient solution to achieving a brighter smile.

The best solution for internal teeth stains is a porcelain or zirconia veneer. These prosthetics completely block out the appearance of internal staining, leaving you with a brighter smile as a result. Additionally, both of these materials are close matches to the natural color and translucence of a healthy tooth, so your smile will also look more natural than composite resin.

Longevity of Treatment

In situations where bonding and veneers seem to be equally advantageous, it is important to consider how long the treatment will last. As easy as composite resin is to replace, the fact remains that composite bonding wears off over time. Porcelain and zirconia veneers, however, typically last at least a decade, and they are able to last much longer with proper dental health care.

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