Oral Appliances for Teens

Oral Appliances for Teens

Posted by Dental Solutions on Dec 17 2018, 10:09 PM

Finding out they need braces can cause anxiety for even the boldest of teens. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles and options today that make the treatment easier and more comfortable.

The teenage years are an ideal time to shape a smile or correct the bite because it is a time of quick growth and change. Braces solve many oral health issues including overly crowded and crooked teeth. They also help fix gaps between teeth and problems with different bites including over, under and cross bites. Fixing these issues will improve your teen’s smile and their oral health. Other positive benefits include teeth that are easier to clean, and eliminating pressure that can lead to chipped teeth and sore jaw muscles.

Common Types of Braces for Teens

Metal or traditional braces - These braces have metal brackets that are attached to each tooth and then connected by a thin wire, which slowly pushes and pulls teeth to move them into the correct position. This option is normally the most economical, but they are also very noticeable. Many teens are extremely nervous about how they appear, so it may be worthwhile to explore the other options.

Ceramic braces -Work the same way metal braces do, but instead of the brackets being made of metal they are made from a clear, transparent ceramic material. They are considered to be far less noticeable, but they are more delicate. Ceramic braces can chip and are susceptible to staining if food containing dark pigments like coffee is consumed.

Lingual braces – The hardware is attached to the back of the teeth (tongue side), and is quite appealing to teens because they are completely out of sight.

Invisalign – This treatment is gaining popularity because the appliances are clear and not nearly as noticeable as traditional or ceramic braces. These clear aligners fit over the teeth and gradually straighten them. They can be removed for eating and cleaning the teeth, or for special occasions. They cannot fix more severe dental problems, and they are usually the most expensive option.

Other Types of Appliances

Sports mouth guards -For teens who participate in sports it is especially important to protect their teeth, gums, and soft tissues, from injury.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders -This condition is more common in teenagers than any other age group. Different oral appliances can be used to help in the treatment of this condition.

Retainer -This removable appliance is used after braces have been removed from the teeth and must be worn every night to keep teeth aligned properly.

The way to determine the best option for your teen is to come to Dental Solutions in Odessa, where Drs. Diais and Dayeh can help you discover the most effective course of treatment. Contact us today to schedule a complete evaluation and treatment plan. 

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