Crowns and Bridges

Restorative Dental Care in Odessa, TX

Restorative dentistry uses body-safe prosthetics to rebuild or replace unhealthy teeth, if not replace them entirely. The two most common restorations out there are dental crowns and fixed dental bridges. Odessa Dental Solutions offers crowns and bridges to patients in Odessa, Midland, Pecos, and all surrounding cities. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can best help you rebuild your smile’s health.

Which Type of Crown is Right for Me?

While the bridges we provide are completely made of porcelain, we offer a wider variety of materials for your crowns. Each material has a different advantage between its aesthetic and pragmatic goals, and your unique oral health situation may be best served by one over the other.

The first crown material option is porcelain. This dental ceramic looks identical to naturally healthy tooth enamel, and it is durable enough to meet the needs of most patients. Zirconia is an alternative to porcelain to provide increased durability while decently blending into the smile’s appearance. In rarer occasions, where the crown needs to be as resilient as possible, our dental practice can also provide traditional metal and gold crowns.

Cosmetic and Restorative Benefits

Crowns and bridges are a restorative treatment first, but they offer cosmetic benefits as well.

Crowns are caps that fit over an entire tooth, rebuilding its structure and sealing it off after tooth decay is removed. These are effective enough in their restorative care to be one of the most common restorative dental procedures in modern use. Additionally, this same concealing nature hides the tooth underneath the crown’s appearance. If you are using a porcelain or zirconia crown, then your tooth’s image is restored to beauty as much as the tooth’s health is restored.

Bridges are also as beautiful as they are effective. This set of anchoring crowns and prosthetic teeth replace one or more missing teeth, restoring your ability to chew. The fact that the bridge is made of porcelain also enhances your smile’s image.

Full Mouth Reconstructions

A full mouth reconstruction is an extensive cosmetic and restorative procedure. When the majority of a smile is compromised in its wellness and aesthetic appearance, a series of restorations are applied to make the smile healthy and beautiful once more.

The restorations we offer for a full mouth restoration are porcelain crowns and dental implants. Crowns conceal and bolster an entire tooth, so they best combine the cosmetic and restorative solutions sought through this treatment process. Additionally, implant-supported crowns and bridges can be applied without affecting your remaining teeth, allowing you more versatility when receiving multiple restorations at once for your oral health.

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Odessa Dental Solutions provides crowns and bridges near Odessa. These restorations do not only improve your oral health, but they enhance your smile’s beauty as well. For more information about the restorative dental care we offer, contact our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today. 

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