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Drs. S.M. Diais and Ayman Dayeh are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry services to their clients. An exemplary service is using a veneer made of dental porcelain, or even zirconia, to reshape and brighten teeth. Odessa Dental Solution provides porcelain veneers to enhance the look of your smile to Midland, Odessa, Pecos, and the surrounding areas.

Porcelain Veneers vs. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective solution for brightening a smile stained externally, but it cannot lift all stains. Some teeth are stained internally. Stains which originate from inside a tooth can be caused by internal bleeding of the tooth due to trauma, the use of certain antibiotics, rare genetic disorders, and other factors.

For teeth which have been stained as a result of intrinsic factors, our Odessa dentists recommend porcelain veneers instead. They completely and permanently cover the visible surface of a tooth, blocking out the sight of these stains entirely. Instead, all that is visible is a material with the same appearance as a natural tooth.

If you desire a brighter smile, you should ask Drs. Diais and Dayeh about your teeth whitening and porcelain veneer options. Our Odessa dentists can help you determine whether you have extrinsic stains a whitening product can lift, or if you have intrinsic stains that are best treated by porcelain veneers.

Lumineers® vs. Traditional Veneers

If you are receiving porcelain veneers, then you may want to consider Lumineers®.

Lumineers® are a brand of “no prep” veneers, in that they do not require a reshaping of the teeth on which they are placed. A traditional veneer requires a tooth be ground down to accommodate its size; this removal of natural, healthy tooth material makes the veneer process irreversible. Lumineers®, on the other hand, are so thin that they can be bonded onto the existing teeth without having our Odessa dentists remove healthy tooth material. Not only does this make Lumineers® less expensive than traditional veneers, but it also means that Lumineers® is a reversible procedure if necessary. For these reasons, Lumineers® may be more preferable for a patient’s wants and needs than the traditional veneers Odessa Dental Solution provides.

However, Lumineers® are not for everyone. The same thinness that make no prep veneers so easy to apply to your teeth also limit the amount of coverage these veneers can provide; gaps and intrinsic stains will not be as well covered by Lumineers® as they would be with traditional veneers. Because the whole tooth still lies beneath the veneer, Lumineers® may strike a patient as feeling bulky. It is important to discuss your veneer options with Drs. Diais and Dayeh to see what works best for you.

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As an alternative to teeth whitening, Odessa Dental Solution can provide porcelain veneers, including Lumineers®, to the people of Odessa, Midland, Pecos, and the surrounding communities. To learn more about these and other cosmetic dental options, call our office today!

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