Fixed Dentures Available at Midland Dentistry, Dental Solution, P.A.

Are you tired of dentures floating around in your mouth? Do you want to eat and laugh without worrying that your dentures will come out? Are you tired of eating only soft food? Do you feel your denture is bulky? If you are having any of these problems then a fixed denture (All-on-Four ®) is the best solution for your problems.

Removable dentures are almost a thing of the past. Wearing removable dentures is associated with plenty of problems, such as: loose denture that come out during eating and laughing and inability to chew many foods (such as steaks and apples). In addition, Removable dentures are difficult to maintain. You have to remove them before you sleep and soak them in a glass of water. Also, they become looser with time requiring relining and/or replacement. 

With a fixed All-on-Four dentures, you do not have to worry about loose dentures that float around on your mouth, the teeth are fixed so you can smile, laugh confident that the teeth will stay in place. Also the bite force greatly increases, so you will be able to eat and enjoy foods that you love. Most importantly, the teeth are fixed, only the dentist can take them out, it is recommended that you visit your dentist once a year, so they can take the All-on-Four dentures out and clean your gum, and then fix the denture again to the implants. 

Fixed dentures at Dental Solution, P.A., in Odessa and Midland, TXHow does it work?

The fixed All-on-Four denture is the state of the art replacement for missing teeth. Four implants are placed in the upper and lower jaw; implants are connected by Titanium bar, and a set of teeth is PERMANENTLY attached to the bar using small screws (smaller than the size of one rice piece).

Is the All-on-Four fixed denture good for me?

Dental Fixed Dentures at Dental Solution P.A. in Odessa and Midland, TXVirtually any patient can benefit from the fixed all-on-Four denture. If you have an old denture that is bothering you, or if you have loose teeth, the All-on -Four might be a great solution for your problems. Call now to schedule a free consultation appointment to know if the All-on-Four is suitable for you.

All-on-Four replace your missing teeth or your removable denture with permanent teeth that will not fall out. Only the dentist can remove the teeth. It is usually done once a year for regular maintenance.

If you already have dentures, or if your teeth are in poor condition and you will need dentures, All on Four can change your life.

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