About Our Odessa, TX Dental Practice

Drs. S.M. Diais and Ayman Dayeh believe that treating the appearance and health of a patient’s smile goes beyond just dental procedures. Our practice helps patients get the treatments they need, in both approach and understanding, which is just as important as the treatment itself. Odessa Dental Solutions uses this philosophy to provide general, esthetic, and orthodontic procedures in Odessa and welcomes families from Midland, Pecos, and the surrounding communities.

Quality Patient Care

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of dentistry to as many people as possible, enriching their lives as well as our own. At our Odessa dental practice, we believe that excellent dentistry starts by making sure our patients know that we care about them.

Our staff treats each and every patient like an old friend coming to visit, maintaining a high level of care to serve their needs. From paperwork assistance and balancing our schedule for minimal waiting, to our insurance and financing options, we help however we can to make your experience more convenient. We are also firm believers in honesty and integrity; our Odessa dentists strive to deliver services that are most beneficial to your oral health. Dr. Diais even goes so far as to perform all cleanings himself, so that he can gain a comprehensive understanding of your oral health in all steps of treatment.

Staying on the Cutting Edge of Dental Technology

Our purpose is to continuously learn, research, and develop, to deliver the latest and finest in dental services. Drs. Diais and Dayeh believe that patients deserve the most advanced, proven procedures in dentistry. We, therefore, take at least 100 hours per year of continuing education courses, in order to continuously improve and maintain our skill in the many cosmetic and general procedures we offer.

This additional education enables our dentists to provide proven techniques and stay current with the latest technology in dentistry. We currently use advanced technology such as cone-beam 3-D imaging to plan a dental implant placement procedure. By taking a 3-D image of your dentition, our Odessa dentists can make sure that your jaw is healthy enough to support implants and that the implant posts are placed in the right space.

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